Media Tips

    • Be sure to test the intended use of media before you come to teach.  Don’t be surprised when the things do not operate as intended.  Teachers must provide their own connecting cables and should consider their audio needs.   Talk to your Librarian, Ward Technology Specialist, or member of the Sunday School Presidency for help getting access to video systems before your meetings so you can test run your media presentations.
    • Teachers that do not own a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and the appropriate connecting cables, can purchase a 16 GB USB flash drive starting at about $5 that can be used for video, audio, and images using the Smart TVs available in the library. Consider using a relatives, friends, or public library computer to prepare the USB flash drive.
    • Reserve the video system with your librarian in advance.
    • Most media on LDS websites are downloadable.  However, there are some that are copyrighted and cannot be downloaded.  It is difficult to depend on this media due to the high volume of internet connections which share limited bandwidth.  It is strongly recommended to find media that can be downloaded at home and run from your device for the best outcome. NOTE: YouTube is blocked at church buildings.
    • Enhance lessons with Video, Audio, Presentations, or Images that support the topic and invite the Spirit
    • Use media to enhance lessons, do not rely on media to provide the entire lesson
    • For small classes of 1-4 students, laptops and tablets are sufficient for video and sound.   Larger classes should use the Smart TVs.   For very large classes there are a few video projectors available for use.
    • An audio converter box, available in the library, may be used to connect the personal device/projector/etc. into the built-in audio system  available in rooms such as the Relief Society room, Primary room, cultural hall, and chapel.