Stake Presidency Letter – 31MAY18

Brothers and Sisters of the Kent Stake,

As a stake presidency we remained concerned with how pornography is impacting individuals and families in a very destructive way. It is an awful plague in our generation and can cause years of pain both temporally and spiritually. To help aid in the awareness and prevention of pornography, a committee of mothers, grandmothers, and sister leaders have developed a family home evening lesson to be used by the families of our stake. The family home evening lesson is attached, and it is our hope that all families review this lesson in the coming month in an upcoming family home evening.

Additionally, later in the year we will introduce two additional family home evening lessons on basic principles which will help our children, youth and adults be able to fight the plaque of pornography in our society. If we can help our children and youth to know what to do if they see pornography we will be able to help them avoid a life that could be full of struggles and pain.

It is our desire to support and help families to teach the principles that will provide all of us the best opportunity to have the spirit more abundantly in our lives.

Kent Stake Presidency,
Darold R. Stroud
Jeffrey D. Morgan
Stephen L. Ralph

POPI Primary FHE Lesson