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2022 Basketball Season – Begins Tuesday, 2/15/2022

Schedule and Standings

2022 – Basketball Schedule

Sports Roster


2017 Kent Stake BB Rules – Rev 1

  • Players
      1. Ages
        1. Youth: 12-18
        2. Seniors: 18-100 (18 year olds must be out of high school)
        3. Veterans: 31-100
      2. Player Eligibility
        1. Youth players that play varsity school BB are eligible if they receive permission from their high school coach.  Such players are also eligible to play in regionals if they get permission from their high school coach.
        2. Member players must live within the ward boundary-No exceptions
        3. Non-member players must get permission from the bishop and live within the stake boundary-No exceptions
  • Teams
      1. A team can play with 4 players, however, 2 of those 4 players must be members (see rule below).  If there are less than 4 players, that team must forfeit.
      2. A majority of players playing on the court must be members.
  • Rosters
      1. Rosters must be complete and consist of:
        1. Player’s name, address, date of birth, and signature.  Youth must also have a parent/guardian signature.
        2. Bishop signature is required
        3. Stake Athletic Director signature is required for regional play.
  • Games
      1. Games will be played by high school rules except for the following exceptions:
        1. Game time is forfeit time – in other words, be on time, or preferably early
        2. If a team forfeits two times, they are removed from the schedule.
        3. Games will consist of two 20 minute running clock halves; except for timeouts.  Last 2 minutes of the second half is stop clock.
        4. Time outs during a foul shot will stop the clock until active play resumes (ball in play)
        5. No stop clock for leads of 14 or more at the end of the second half.
        6. No full court presses for teams with a 14 point lead
        7. Three minute half times
        8. Overtime is 3 minutes running clock with stop clock for last minute
        9. NO Dunking – this is an automatic technical foul and the offending player will be removed for the remainder of the game.  Two dunk technical fouls during a season and that person will be suspended for the rest of the season, including regionals
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    1. A player who, in the judgment of the official or stake representative, verbally abuses an official, player, coach, or spectator will be subject to a technical foul and possible ejection.
    2. If a player or coach is assessed for 2 technical fouls in a game, that person is automatically ejected from the game and must leave the premises.  If they do not leave the premises within 3 minutes, then the game will stop and that person’s team will be assessed a forfeit.
    3. All ejected players/coaches will be suspended for one game and get permission from their Bishop and the Stake Athletic Director before they can play another game.
    4. Any participation in fighting OR unsportsmanlike physical contact with an official, player, coach, or spectator results in an automatic technical foul and ejection.  All participants will be suspended for one game and must get permission from their Bishop and the Stake Athletic Director before they can play another game.
    5. The penalty for a technical fouls is automatic 2 points and possession of the ball for the other team.
    6. Automatic technical foul for anybody who touches the stake center folding curtain next to the chapel.
    • Uniforms and Dress Code
      1. Shorts must be at least fingertip length
      2. All team members must have uniforms in the same color and with numbers on the front and/or back; duplicate numbers are not allowed.  Uniforms will be provided by the stake.
      3. I f a player is discovered to be bleeding they must leave the game and cannot re-enter until the bleeding is stopped and the wound is completed covered.  Blood on a uniform must be removed before that payer can resume play.
      4. No hard casts are allowed
  • Team Information
    1. Coaches
      1. Men’s and women’s coaches can be a player
      2. A coach must be present at game time or that team forfeits
      3. Coaches should familiarize themselves with these rules and review them with their team
      4. Only two coaches can be on the bench
    2. Officials
      1. At least two officials will be provided by the assigned team.  The assigned team will have a “bye” that week.  The posted schedule clearly indicates the assigned team, the game start times, and the building assignment.
      2. Officials must arrive early – at least 10 minutes before game time.
      3. If the assigned team fails to provide their 2 officials, then that team will be assessed a forfeit loss for each game not officiated.  These forfeits will count as a loss in the standings.
    3. Scorekeepers/Timers
      1. Teams must provide at least one person to act as a scorekeeper or timekeeper (that would involve two people; one from each team)
  • Regional Play
    1. The two teams with the best records for each category will advance to regional play.
    2. If two teams are tied at the end of the season, then the team winning the head-to-head game(s) will advance.  If they are still tied, and there is still time on the schedule, there will be a single playoff game scheduled with the winner advancing.  If there is no time on the schedule, then a coin toss will determine the winner.
    3. Regional play starts Thursday April 20th and ends Saturday May 6th