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Welcome to Kent Washington Stake Seminary!
Seminary begins Tuesday September 8, 2020 (End Date: Friday June 4, 2021)

Beginning January 4th, our current class schedule will be as follows:

MWF :: Zoom classes (D&C; Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
TTH :: Self/home study Canvas lessons/assignments (D&C; Tuesday, Thursday)

The first week, T-F (9/8-11) will be Zoom classes each day (intros, orientations, etc.).

Zoom class time is from 6:30 am – 7:20 am. Non-Zoom class days (T, TH) are self scheduled and paced using Canvas (LMS); however, the earlier in the day the work is done the better; please don’t get behind!

If youth are unsure of what class to attend, please contact Sister Becky LeDosquet, Sister Diana Jenks, or Brother Rob Laird for assistance and class assignment.

Parents and Students: To receive immediate text (SMS) notifications for Seminary (closures, change of schedule, activities, etc.), please click the blue link below and follow the instructions for registering with the Mass Messaging System (MMS). Also, please view the parent / student orientation presentation by clicking the link below:

We are looking forward to a spiritually uplifting new year!

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