Seminary – Registration

Parents, Bishoprics, Ward Leaders:

Please register all students that will be attending Seminary next year. Accurate registration information will provide us the number of students allowing us to plan appropriate class sizes and to help in obtaining the proper number of instructors.

Registration is online at:

This link is for both Students, Parents and Ward Leaders. Bishopric members can help complete step one of registration and the parents need to complete step two of registration.

See the documentation below on how to work with Students and Parents to complete registration.

A Guide for parents about Registration and using mySeminary App:
A Guide for parents about Seminary registration and using mySeminary

A Guide for Stake/Ward leaders about Registration using mySeminary App:
A guide for Stake and Ward leaders about seminary registration using mySeminary

Questions or concerns regarding online registration can be directed to Amy Frank (Stake Seminary Supervisor) or Daniel Olson (High Council assigned to Seminary).

Thank you in advance for your help!