POPI Presentation Notes

  1. Have 2 members read general authority quotes
    • Just as we safeguard our homes from physical threats, we also need to put safeguards in place to protect our families spiritually; an unfiltered or un-monitored Internet definitely applies here
  2. Discuss 2 major ways Internet enters our home (on average)
    • [1] Cable/DSL modems & routers; home network connectivity (wired/Wi-Fi)
    • [2] Mobile devices connected to cellular network
  3. OpenDNS to help protect home network (physical and Wi-Fi connections)
  4. Carrier parental controls and apps for cell phones (Net Nanny)
  5. Parental controls on streaming devices & services, gaming consoles; find out
  6. POPI Technology Lab – 4th Thursdays in 2018 in HC Room (except TG; 29th)
    • Get help on OpenDNS, specific devices, etc.
    • Share what works well in your home – we’ll share from there
  7. Low-Tech Tips
    • Plug cell phones in parents room at night (charging station)
    • Turn off Wi-Fi signal by schedule (modem/router must support)
    • Audit devices on schedule and randomly (fast Sunday + random times)
  8. Please complete the survey to the best of your knowledge and return to me.
  9. Thanks! For more information visit the stake web site and come visit us 2/22 =:] URL: