Mass Messaging System – Seminary

Welcome to the Kent Washington Stake’s Mass Messaging System (MMS) home page for Seminary. Listed below are the detailed instructions for successfully registering your text-capable (SMS) mobile device with this system.

MMS Mobile Number: 253.205.0295
Note: this mobile number is for texting (SMS) only; no voice calls are accepted.

In order to register your mobile device with MMS, you will need to send a SINGLE (1) text message that looks like the following (Seminary is the target group – please be sure to hit the <return> key after each piece of information requested for this submission (not the SEND (↑) key!)):

Note: This registration must be done from the registrant’s mobile phone. If a parent/guardian or teacher wishes to register a youth on their behalf, please contact Brother Daniel Olson for assistance.

<return> = the return key on your keyboard
(do not type this in – used for one piece of information per line, shown in yellow)

First Name<return>
Last Name<return>
Class (youth)ORPosition (adults)<return>
School (youth)OREmail (adults)<return>
[now hit the SEND () key]

For Class (youth), Position (adults), and School (youth), please see the short codes in the example descriptions below.

Here is a valid YOUTH registration example:

[now hit the SEND () key]

Here are the details concerning valid values and the abbreviations used above:

semreg – this is the MMS command to execute (register a user for Seminary notifications)
Belinda – this youth’s first name
McKenzie – this youth’s last name
SL – this is the youth’s seminary class… SL is the short code for Brother and Sister Slater’s class; other valid codes include CV (Chetty/Vreeken), WW (Welch/Wenger), JM (Johnson/Millard), QG (Quigleys), and JB (Johnson/Bolles)
KL – high school designation… KL is the short code for Kentlake; other valid codes include AM (Auburn Mountainview), KA (Kent Mountain View Academy), KM (Kent-Meridian), KR (Kentridge), KW (Kentwood), VA (Washington Virtual Academy), RS (Running Start – Green River), HS (Home-Schooled), and OL (Online)

ADULT leaders and parents do not need to send the same information as the youth – here is a sample text message for an adult:

[now hit the SEND () key]

The above is self explanatory except for the position code. TC is for Teacher; other valid short codes are LD (Leader), PR (Priesthood Rep), and PG (Parent or Guardian).
As an FYI, the line after the position code is for your primary email address (secondary contact information).

If you would like to see the general format directly as a text message, please text the following to the main number above:

help seminary            (this message is NOT case sensitive)
[now hit the SEND () key]

Questions or having trouble? Please contact your seminary teacher or a member of the stake seminary leadership.