Mass Messaging System – JH

Welcome to the Kent Washington Stake’s Mass Messaging System (MMS) home page for James Hill. Listed below are the detailed instructions for successfully registering your text-capable mobile device and email address with this system.

MMS Mobile Number: 253.205.0295
Note: this mobile number is for texting (SMS) only; no voice calls are accepted.

In order to register your mobile device with MMS, you will need to send a SINGLE (1) text message that looks like the following – please be sure to hit the <return> key after each piece of information requested for this submission (not the SEND (↑) key!)):

<return> = the return key on your mobile phone’s keyboard
(do not type this in – used for one piece of information per line, shown in yellow)

The format required for a young adult registration is:

Group<return> – short code described below
First Name<return>
Last Name<return>
Email Address[now hit the SEND () key]

Here is a valid young adult registration example:

Craig<return>[now hit the SEND () key]

Here are the details concerning valid values and the abbreviations used above:

Register – this is the MMS command for registration
JHYSA – this is the keyword that will associate your information with the James Hill Ward – type this in as-is
WC – this is the young adult’s group association… WC is the short code for ward council; other valid codes include BR (Bishopric), RS (Relief Society), and EQ (Elders Quorum)
Michelle – this young adult’s first name
Craig – this young adult’s last name – this young adult’s email address (note: to specify an email-only notification, add a leading ! point to the email address as in !

If you would like to see the general format directly as a text message, please text the following to the main number above (you can then copy, paste, fill/replace, and send):

help JHYSA             (this message is NOT case sensitive)

Questions or having trouble? Please contact your ward leaders.