How to connect your computer to the TV

  • You require a HDMI or VGA cable to connect a computer to the TV.
    • Most HDMI cables/ports support both audio and video (recommended)
    • VGA only support video and you will require and additional cable for audio

  • Locate the correct port on the TV, back or side panel, and with the TV turned off, connect your cable/s

  • Locate the identical port/s on your computer, and with the computer turned off, connect the other end of the cable/s
  • Once everything is connected power on the TV first, then the computer
  • Typically the TV has several inputs to select from, if the TV screen is not showing what is on the computer screen, you the remote to select a different input until the computer screen is displayed on the TV
  • You may have to adjust the resolution of the computer to provide the best picture for the TV.   1280 x 1024 is usually the best setting.