How to add media to a USB flash drive

  • Connect your USB drive to your computer.
  • Make sure your USB drive shows up on your computer.
  • Once connected, view the contents on the drive.
  • Windows – Press Windows key + E  to open Explorer. Click on the USB drive listed under Devices and drives to view the contents of the drive.

  • Mac – Press Command + F to open Finder. Click on the USB drive listed under Devices on the left to view the contents of this drive.

NOTE: The the USB flash drive will typically have the name brand for the drive’s name.  I our example the drive is Kingston brand.

  • Now click and drag the media file into the folder where your content is stored on your USB flash drive.
  • Allow time for the media file to transfer over to the drive.
  • Once the media file is successfully transferred over to your USB drive, it is ready to plug into a Smart TV to view or listen to it.

That’s it!  Repeat the process for every video you would like to transfer over to your device.

Typically the media downloaded from an LDS website will already be in the proper format that is compatible with the Smart TV.