Family History Staff Training

Schedule for Kent Family History Center Staff Training

Below is a schedule of the suggested Topics that can be studied at the beginning of each shift.  Each topic title is a link to an article or video that covers the topic. For some topics, I have included multiple options.  Simply click on the title, then click on the link that is displayed, and it will take you to the article or video.

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Note:  If you have any corrections or suggestions for improvements to a topic or additions to the list of topics, please send an email to

Lesson #



1 What to do when opening the Family History Center

What to do when closing the Family History Center

PDF files
2 How to use the Printer, scanner, and large TV              PDF file
3 How to create a FamilySearch Account

Creating a new FamilySearch Account         

4 How to recover forgotten Usernames and Passwords PDF file
5 Getting started with Genealogy Presentation
6 How to change FamilySearch Account settings thefhguide
7 How to Get Help thefhguide
8 How to Navigate in the Family Tree Pedigree thefhguide
9 How to view a direct ancestors details thefhguide
10 How to view children and other spouses thefhguide
11 How to use Find and Recent option thefhguide
12 Using the other Pedigree modes thefhguide
13 How to update the Vital data for an individual thefhguide
14 How to add missing ancestors thefhguide
15 Introducing the use of Sources Video: 5.2 Minutes
16 How to attach sources to an ancestor thefhguide
17 Introducing memories in FamilySearch Video: 8:21 Minutes
18 How to add  and tag Photos in Memories thefhguide
19 How to add and tag Documents in Memories thefhguide
20 How to add and tag Stories in Memories thefhguide
21 How to add and tag Audio files in Memories thefhguide
22 How to use a Memory as a Source Video: 4.2 Minutes
23 Merging Duplicate Ancestors thefhguide
24 How to Reserve, Print, Share, or Unreserve an Individual Video: 11:15 Minutes
25 Using Hints Video: 10:02 Minutes
26 How to sign up for the Partner sites PDF file
27 Find Your Family Names Pamphlet PDF file
28 My Family Booklet PDF file