MMS – EnglishConnect Administration

Welcome to the Kent Washington Stake’s Mass Messaging System (MMS) administration home page for EnglishConnect. Listed below are the detailed instructions for successfully sending a mass text message (blast) with this system.

MMS Mobile Number: 253.205.0295
Note: this mobile number is for texting (SMS) only; no voice calls are accepted.

In order to send a blast with MMS, you will need to send a SINGLE (1) text message (to the # above) that looks like the following – please be sure to hit the <return> key after each piece of information requested for this submission (not the SEND (↑) key!)):

<return> = the return key on your mobile phone’s keyboard
(do not type this in – used for one piece of information per line, shown in yellow)

The format required for a sending an MMS blast is as follows:

Group<return> – short code described below
Message[now hit the SEND () key]

Here is a valid blast request example:

Class has been cancelled for this evening. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.[now hit the SEND () key]

Here are the details concerning valid values and the abbreviations used above:

Send – this is the MMS command to perform
EConnect – this is the keyword that will associate your information with EnglishConnecttype this in as-is
WC – this is the target sub-groups for this message – 1 or more may be listed, comma separated; PT is the short code for the participant group; other valid codes currently include TC (Teacher/Instructor) and LD (Leader); if sending to entire group, use NA here (sub-groups not applicable, send to all group registrants)
mms2103jet – this is the password required for a successful blast; the text-blasting password is fluid and uses the following format: mmsDDMMwww where DD is the 2 digit day of the month (single-digit days preceded by a 0), MM is the current 2 digit month (single-digit months preceded by a 0), and www is one of the following 3 letter words based on the current day of the week: sky for Monday-Wednesday-Friday, jet for Tuesday-Thursday, ace for Saturday-Sunday
Message – the actual text message; note: the & character is an invalid/illegal character – please do not use in the body of the text message

Please note that only 1 text message or email message will be sent per unique mobile phone or email address. As a reminder, any registrants with a ! in front of their email address will receive an email instead of a text message.


You can view and download your current list of registrants by visiting the following MMS admin URL: – the password for this site is the same as the password used for this page.

Questions or having trouble? Please contact Brother Olson at or 253.205.6824. Feedback welcome.