Stake Conference – FEB 2020

Christ and the Nephites - Ministering One-By-One

A message from the Stake Presidency:

Our upcoming Stake Conference will be the weekend of February 15 and 16 and the stake presidency is looking forward to being with all the saints of the Kent Stake.

We will begin our Stake Conference with an adult session on Saturday evening the 15th. The adult session for all members 18 and over will be from 7 – 8:30 pm followed by a brief social – please make this meeting a priority.

Sunday morning the 16th, we will hold Priesthood Leadership Training from 7:00 – 8:30 am, and then the General Session of Stake Conference will be from 10:00 – noon at the Kent Stake Center.

This year we are excited to host all the members in the Kent Stake Center for all sessions of conference. We are making necessary arrangements for the general session to ensure all members are comfortable and able to feel the spirit of the Lord.

As a presidency we have been preparing for this Stake Conference with much prayer and we look forward to being with you as we strive to draw closer to our Father in Heaven through our worship.

Jesus Christ Preaching