Kent Stake 11 YO Scouts

Participating Wards and Branch: CL, CW, LM, LS, PO, SB, SH

Parents are welcome to attend our 11 YO Scout meetings every Wednesday, 7-8:30pm at the Kent Stake Center in the Nursery Room next to the library.

Assistant Scoutmasters are always available to discuss parent concerns and progress regarding their Scout.

11 YO Scout Activities - 2017

Ten Essentials for Overnight Outings
DateLocation and ActivityActivity TypeVolunteer to Drive/Chaperone
January 21Kent Stake center - Smart Saturday/ Swim TestDaySign Up
February 24-25Kanaskat-Palmer - CampoutOvernightSign Up
March 25 - 9amSoos Creek Trail - 5 Mile HikeDaySign Up
April 21-22Dungeness Spit - Campout and 10.5 mile hikeOvernightSign Up
May 26-27Simonson Family - Barn campoutOvernightSign Up
June 24Ape Caves - HikeDaySign Up
July 22Lake Wilderness swimmingDaySign Up
August 4-5Ensign Ranch Beaver Island - CampoutOvernightSign Up
September 16Mt. SiDaySign Up
October 13-14Buck Creek - Primitive CampoutOvernightSign Up
November 10Fort Worden - CampoutOvernightSign Up
December 16Clark Lake - Compass courseDaySign Up

11 YO Scout Committee

Committee ChairCWShanda Aurichshandaaurich@hotmail.com206-388-8677
Committee SecretaryLMJoyce Froislandsjland@yahoo.com253-631-9517
ScoutmasterLMBrian Ballbrian_frederick99@hotmail.com206-388-6591
High CouncilorLSKile Froislanddarockk@gmail.com206-778-3725
Assistant Scoutmasters
ASMCWGarett Johnsongarettw0@gmail.com503-602-8041
SMLMBrian Ballbrian_frederick99@hotmail.com206-388-6591
ASMLSBruce Weavermcchord@comcast.net253-277-1836
ASMPOVal Nielsen253-246-9165
ASMSHEvan Simonsonevan.simatech@gmail253-365-1941
Bishopric Members
2nd CounselorCLReuben Ortegareubenortega@gmail.com206-419-8651
2nd CounselorCWKevin Seamonscmons.kevin@gmail.com206-679-4489
2nd CounselorLMDevin DuPreedevingdupree@gmail.com208-709-7327
2nd CounselorLSBruce 425-956-3112
2nd CounselorPOJonathan Merrill263jmm@gmail.com916-204-6844
2nd CounselorSBClaudio Aguilaraclaudio29@gmail.com206-612-2471
2nd CounselorSHJeff Danielsdaniels.jeff7@gmail.com206-501-7082
Primary Presidents
PresidentCLRaylene Harrisrayleneharris@yahoo.com253-639-4828
PresidentCWLacey 208-301-1753
PresidentLMLilyanna Peckalpecka@icloud.com206-651-6214
PresidentLSAleisa Pricealeisaprice@gmail.com253-249-8829
PresidentPOEloise Olsen253-630-2971
PresidentSBAdriana Briseño253-239-6996
PresidentSHMargo Lee Woodruffmargoleew@yahoo.com360-259-6296