Path to Self-Reliance

Self-Reliance Devotional

The Kent Stake Self-Reliance Committee is holding a Self-Reliance Devotional on Sunday January 31, 2021 at 3:00 pm. This Devotional, which will be conducted via Zoom, provides members an opportunity to learn about the Self-Reliance program and to join a Self-Reliance group to help them achieve their goals.

Participants can learn about managing Personal Finances, Finding a Better Job, Education for Better Work, or Starting and Growing My Business. Each facilitated group operates like a council combining both doctrine and practical skills in a group learning environment supported by peers. Group members commit to meet weekly in 12 sessions (via zoom) and will determine the day/time of meetings at the devotional.

In addition to these groups, a pilot group, Emotional Resilience, is being offered to help members learn spiritual and practical skills to care for body, mind, emotions, and relationships. This group is not intended to be group therapy or treatment for mental health issues. Members of this group will learn, through the Spirit, how to apply the principles to their lives and those whom they love.

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