3 on 3 Tournament

Kent Stake Annual 3 on 3 Holiday Tournament

Thursday, December 28, 2018
6:30 PM Registration, 7pm Game Time
Kent Stake Center

Get your team together and sign up as soon as possible!

Get the sign-up form and official rules here, 3 on 3 sign-up form.

Questions, please contact Kile Froisland, 206-778-3725, or darockk@gmail.com.

Official Rules of the Game

The 3on3 Basketball Games will be played in accordance with the Rules outlined below. It goes without saying that the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship are an integral part of the tournament.


1.1       The game will be played on a half court.


2.1       Each team shall consist of a maximum of four (4) players (3 players on the court and 1 substitute).

2.2       Minimum of one player on the court must be a member of the LDS Church.

2.3       A combination of any players from 12 years of age and older.

Game Officials

3.1       The game officials shall be: Call your own fouls and two (2) table officials, (scorer and timer).

Beginning of the Game

4.1       Both teams shall have two (2) minutes to warm-up before the start of the game.

4.2       Flip of the coin will determine which team starts with the ball.

4.3       Team A shall begin the game with a throw-in at the top of the three point line. The ball must be checked-in. Team B shall be entitled to the ball at the next jump ball situation in accordance with the alternating possession arrow rule. The arrow will be directed to the bench of the team which is entitled to the ball at the next alternating possession opportunity.

Playing time/Winner of a Game

5.1.      The regular playing time shall consist of two (2) periods of seven (7) minutes running clock each with one (1) minute interval between periods.

5.2       The winner of the game reaches 21 points first or is ahead after two halves. (Three points award outside the three point line; two points within)

5.3       If the score is tied at the end of the last period, the game shall continue with as many extra periods of two (2) minutes as is necessary to break the tie.

5.4       There shall be an interval of one (1) minute before each period and each extra period.

Fouls by Player/Fouls by Team

6.1       Games will self-refereed using high school rules.

6.2       A player who has committed three (3) fouls must leave the game.

6.3       A point will be rewarded at the fifth (5) and each subsequent, team foul and the team fouled will be awarded the ball at the top of the key. Ball must be checked-in.

Ten second shot clock

  • The team must attempt a shot for a field goal within 10 seconds.
  • Stalling will be considered a Technical foul and one (1) point and the ball will be awarded to the other team. Ball must be checked-in.

How the Ball is Played

8.1.      Following each successful field goal:

  • A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game from the place directly from the court underneath the basket (while the defensive players must be positioned outside the no-charge semi-circle):
  1. By passing the ball to his teammate to any place on the court. However, if that place is not behind the three-point line, the ball receiver must dribble/pass the ball to a place on the court behind the three-point line.
  2. By dribbling the ball to a place on the court behind the three-point line.

8.2.      Following each unsuccessful field goal:

  • If the offensive team rebounds the ball, it may continue to attempt the score without returning the ball to behind the three-point line; second and subsequent shots must be attempted within 10 seconds as described above.
  • If the defensive team rebounds the ball, it must return the ball (by passing or dribbling) behind the three-point line.

8.3.      Following a steal, turnover, etc:

If it happens within the two-point area, the ball must be passed/dribbled to a place behind the three-point line.

8.4.      All throw-ins following a foul, violation, out-of bounds, or the beginning of the first, second or an extra period shall be taken from beyond the top of the three-point line. The ball must be checked-in. The thrower-inner can pass the ball to his teammate to any place on the court who can attempt to score without returning the ball to behind the three-point line.

8.5.      Dunking the ball is not permitted.


9.1       The substitution shall be permitted when the ball becomes dead.


  • There are no time-outs granted to any team at any time.